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I See You

Connection. It is something we all desire. We were created for connection. We cannot go through life without it. We long to be a part of something, to connect to someone. I find this particularly so when it comes to disability. I met one of my dearest friends because her husband has the same neurological disorder that I do. The connection we share is one for which I am forever grateful.

I recently found out that a friend's son was diagnosed with autism. For me, that little piece of knowledge created a sense of connection, a different type of bond than the one we had before. There is a shared experience, one that not everyone understands.

While there is a sadness for me anytime I discover that someone struggles with any of the same issues I do, there is also a sense of connection. You join a club that you never intended nor wanted to be a part of, but also gain a tribe that you would not want to do life without.

Who is your tribe? Do you feel isolated and alone or have you found connection? Connection is vital, so if you are lacking connection, I encourage you to reach out. Find someone who can look at you and say, "I see you."

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