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In the midst of darkness, of never-ending midnight

I had no hope for dawn

I thought this night would never end

And I wanted this shadow to envelope me,

To release me from my pain


But my will to live was stronger 

Than my desire to die

I struggled and fought against the darkness

I cried out in my agony and despair

And to my surprise, someone heard me


Tenacity took over and I embraced change

At first, my steps were shaky, tentative

I stumbled and fell over and over again

I thought I would never find my way out

Of the torment of my mind


But with each stumble, with each fall

I learned and grew stronger

I found courage to face another day

In the words of my friends, the embrace of my loved ones

And the arms of my loving Father


Each triumph propelled me forward

Gave me hope to face another day

And slowly, the darkness lifted

I could see the colors of dawn

Begin to spread across my life


As I step into this new dawn

Eager to leave the darkness behind

I know that the shadow always waits

Ready to try and pull me back down

Into that eternal blackness


But now, I am prepared

I know how to navigate the night

How to push back the darkness

I am assured that I am never alone 

And that dawn always comes


The brilliant colors of a new day

Surround and envelope me now

I feel the warmth of the sun, of the Son

Life and vitality await as I finally take hold

Of the knowledge that I am loved


I see my destiny before me

Shining in the brightness of the dawn

The possibilities are endless

As I embrace life and love and joy

And I am at peace

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