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My Story

My name is Becca Marie Hald and I struggle with chronic migraines, depression, and a rare neurological disorder called Intracranial Hypertension (IH). I had brain surgery in 2005 to have a shunt placed in order to manage my IH. I still get pressure headaches and deal with the neurological effects of having had extremely high intracranial pressure. Basically, my issues are “all in my head.” 

My great passion is to equip others, to raise awareness about mental health, and to help reduce the negative stigma surrounding mental health issues. In the midst of my own struggles, I strive to keep a light-hearted approach and maintain a smile on my face. I named my shunt Spikey and when I cannot remember something, I say that it got sucked through my straw (the catheter attached to Spikey).

If you would like to know a little bit more about me, read on…

I am a wife, mother, and ordained minister. Both my children have graduated and moved out. My husband, two cats, and I are living the dream in a small town called Cazadero in Sonoma County where I am the online pastor at a church 400 miles away. I love Disney, reading, sewing, and crafts of all kinds.

I am an avid learner with a love of education. I went back to school to earn my Master of Divinity at The King’s University in 2015, where I had the honor of being the class speaker. In 2016, I began a Doctor of Ministry program at Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, but had to withdraw due to mental health issues. I am now continuing that dream in the Doctor of Leadership, Global Perspectives program at George Fox University.

In over 20 years of church leadership, I have served in many capacities including Sunday School Teacher, Administrative Assistant, LIFE Group Leader, and Children’s Ministries Director. Currently, I serve my church as an Associate Pastor. My role is to oversee our online ministry, including being available on Saturday evenings to our livestream community.

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